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Re: Announcement: Debian Pure Blends news

On Tue, 11 Nov 2008, Daniel Baumann wrote:

to avoid such things, especially with defining naming terminology for
things that covers such broad aspects of debian, a poll on your
sub-project only mailinglists is probably not enough, and imho at least
one of either d-devel or d-project should be CC'ed too to get peoples
awareness *in the first place* and right at the beginning of the
decission making, and not at the end.

Ahh, OK - got the point.  I do not assume that another renaming process
will be done any time soon - but if something else happens that might
interest more people I might consider CCing debian-{devel,project}.  I
just hesitated to CC more than 6 lists (these were clearly related) and
I'm afraid that other people would have considered this kind of mails
as spam, but perhaps it makes sense to reach even more people.

Kind regards



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