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Re: Leverage in licensing discussions (was: [DRAFT] resolving DFSG violations)

Michelle Konzack dijo [Sun, Nov 09, 2008 at 08:24:44AM +0100]:
> Sorry, I am not nativ english spaker...
> And yes is is what I have meant...

Neither am I, so I'll try to get this point across one last time.

> And there are several 100 cases where in general the projects  are  100%
> open, but for some security reasons there are major parts NOT  OPEN  and
> since such software/firmware is the KEY of the  device,  it  is  useless
> without the blob.
> Maybe Debian should allow (very exceptionel) such sensible  software  to
> ship in main together with the Main-Software...
> My Hardware is no exception...
> (...)
> Now, if non-free is not on the CD/DVD or the firmware is not shiped with
> main you are unable to install Debian on a TablePC or such  because  you
> can not access the internet...

Debian has long been known for putting its promises (SC) first. And
without judging your (or other's) motivations and needs not to
publicly distribute the sources for your firmware. I'm not saying it's
bad that you keep it closed - you have completely legitimate reasons
to do that. 

Now, what about the fact that Debian cannot be installed from its
official ISOs if your hardware is in use? Maybe it's a wireless card,
maybe a hard disk controller. Sadly, the official CD-ROM won't be able
to use it.

But - If you put the Extra Firmware udev, available as a simple file
you can put on a USB stick or a spare CD-ROm, the installation will
happily proceed.

Enough for you? :)

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