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Re: Discussion period: GR: DFSG violations in Lenny

On Sun, Nov 09, 2008 at 01:23:03PM -0600, Debian Project Secretary wrote:
> ,----[ Proposal 4 ]
> |  Debian's priorities are our users and free software. We don't trade
> |  them against each other. However during getting an release out of the
> |  door, decisions need to be done how to get a rock stable release of the
> |  high quality Debian is known for, release more or less on time, and to
> |  minimize the usage of problematic software. We acknowledge that there
> |  is more than just one minefield our core developers and the release
> |  team are working at.
> |  
> |  We as Developers at large continue to trust our release team to follow
> |  all these goals, and therefor encourage them to continue making
				 \ typo: missing "e" here

>         We need a title for proposal 4, which allows the release team to
>  override the social contract using case-by-case decisions.

What about "delegate decision to the release team" ?


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