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Re: DFSG violations: non-free but no contrib

On Fri, Nov 7, 2008 at 9:47 PM, David Given <dg@cowlark.com> wrote:

> Luckily it's very unlikely that Debian will ever having anything to do
> with the labyrinthing maze of potential lawsuits that are involved in
> GSM protocol stacks... what *is* the Debian project's policy on using
> Debian with safety-critical systems, anyway? There are a number of
> licenses that specifically prohibit the use of their software in such
> environments; do these count as DSFG-free? Is there any such software in
> Debian?

Such licenses don't comply with DFSG #6, there should not be any such
software in Debian, there may be some in non-free though. If you find
any such software in main, please file RC bugs.



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