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Bug Sprint results (draft)

Hi folks,

the lenny Bug Sprint is over. I think it is a mitigated success. A
success since a number of RC bugs were fixed, but mitigated by the small
number of players.

I’d like to thank all players for their contributions. The game was not
really fair since some issues were much easier to deal with than others,
but it was very nice to see people all over the world fix RC bugs for
fun and cookies.

Now for the results. I have checked the related bugs, but I don’t know
deeply enough the issues to judge, so this is only a draft. Please
correct me if some people who deserve cookies have been misjudged! I’ve
also added the people’s locations to help defining who will send cookies
to whom, please correct them if they are wrong.

The following people definitely deserve cookies. They provided patches
for long-standing RC issues which are all fixed or soon to be.
      * Yves-Alexis Perez (fr) for closing #486400, fixing #501997 and
        sending a patch for #448470
      * Stefano Zacchiroli (fr) for dealing with #501423 and fixing
      * Riku Voipio (fi) for fixing #501301
      * Clint Adams (us) for fixing #496269
      * Sean Finney (us) for downgrading #501574 and fixing #267040
      * Lucas Nussbaum (fr) and Emmanuel Bouthenot (fr) for working
        together on #501800/#496954
      * Paul Wise (au) for fixing #479607 (still to be uploaded)

The following people will also receive cookies if there are enough left.
      * Raphaël Hertzog (fr) for proposing a patch to #501306
      * Thijs Kinkhorst (nl) for backporting the fix for #496418 to

The following people deserve a honorable mention for dealing with their
      * Ben Hutchings for downgrading #452377
      * Joost Damad for patiently dealing with the submitter of #449497
      * Gaudenz Steinlin for proposing approaches for #488669 (this is
        still work in progress)
      * Steve Langasek for downgrading #500482
      * Kees Cook for downgrading #501903

The following people failed to fix the bugs they were assigned, but the
issues were either too complex or already tackled by other people. They
are encouraged to contribute to the baking effort, still!
      * Josselin Mouette (fr) for not fixing the hppa kernel (I will
        bake cookies anyway)
      * Julien Danjou (fr) for not fixing the glibc on s390
      * Dominic Hargreaves (li) for letting the maintainer fix #501427
      * Tim Retout (uk) for letting the maintainer fix #393837
      * Christoph Berg (de) for investigating #470882 without success
      * Y Giridhar Appaji Nag (in) for not fixing gecko embedding
      * Moritz Muehlenhoff (de) and Charles Plessy (fr) for letting the
        maintainer fix #486334/#492488
      * Ghe Rivero (es) for letting the maintainer fix #434040
      * Bruno Beaufils (fr) for letting Sean Finney fix #267040

The following people failed to fix their bugs and have to bake cookies.
      * Franklin Piat (fr)
      * David Moreno Garza (us)
      * Jeremiah Foster (se)
      * Nicolas Valcarcel (pe)

The following people volunteered to bake cookies anyway. BTW we’re
missing one in the US area - we can’t let damog handle it all by
himself, and I fear cookies made in Europe wouldn’t be tasty after going
through Atlantic.
      * Frank Lienhard (de)
      * Josselin Mouette (fr)
      * José Luis Tallón (es)
      * Tim Richardson (au)
      * Steve McIntyre (uk) (he proposed money, but we really want
        cookies instead)

As soon as we agree on the list of winners and bakers, I will make

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