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Re: can buildd logs be sorted (again)?

Martín Ferrari wrote:
> If it's of any use, the PET project has a implementation from scratch
> of Debian version comparison, made by reading policy and dpkg code.
> The only bug I know of is that it doesn't reject some invalid
> versions.

To be more precise:

$ ./test pet.pl
pet.pl failed test 'foo- foo 0'/tests/foo with '1'
pet.pl failed test 'foo- foo+ -1'/tests/foo with '1'
pet.pl failed test '1foo:bar 1:bar x This is a syntax violation so the result
is "undetermined" but shouldn't be any of these: -1 0 1'/tests/foo with '-1'
pet.pl failed 3 over 731 tests

@Martín[OT]: hope you can find some time to write an email, probably addressed
to devscripts@packages.d.o, about your proposed version=4 watch files; as I'm
about to write down my proposed "watch file format" specs.

Raphael Geissert

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