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Re: can buildd logs be sorted (again)?


Steve M. Robbins wrote:
> The buildd log pages, e.g. [1], used to be sorted by package version
> (or maybe build date).  However that is no longer the case.

It seems that build.php relies on the results of opendir/readdir to be
in order and that assumption not being valid anymore.

> Can this be fixed?  The current situation is less than useful since
> the latest build is buried in other output.

If someone could attest to
(translated from the perl that udd uses) being wrong in only harmless
ways (except showing that C->Perl->PHP with the last step being done by
someone disliking PHP is not a good idea), I could ask Ryan to put
in the appropriate location.

Kind regards

Thomas Viehmann, http://thomas.viehmann.net/

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