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Re: [DRAFT] resolving DFSG violations

On Thu, Oct 30, 2008 at 12:10:48AM +0100, Michelle Konzack wrote:
> Curently I am building a hardware where the parts cost arround 40US$ per
> device (@10.000) and using the same microcontroller with a  "big"  FLASH
> memory would mke this Hardware arround 5 US$ in  final  production  more
> expensive.
> So for the end-users arreound 10 US$ or 8 Euro
> Are you willing to pay arround 15-18% more for such hardware?

Yes I would.  Given that hardware modems were still available but at
higher cost after software modems started taking over the market just
shows that there are people who will pay for good hardware that can
actually be supported by free software.

> Also you shouls know, that code generated by SDCC is 3 times bigger then
> the one build by my IDE provided by the Microcontroller manufacturer.

So, maybe SDCC could be improved.

> Which mean, I must switch from a 32 kByte model to a 128 kByte one.

Not as if that's big by today's standards.

> Or by attaching an external NVRAM of 128 kByte like the Atmel AT29BV010A
> and I think, you can check the price for yourself...
> Again:  ARE you realy willing to pay at least
>         10US$ or 8? more for the hardware?

Absolutely.  I know I may be a minority, but I do pay extra to buy high
quality hardware rather than the cheapest crap I can find.  On the other
hand I am much happier with my stuff because it works better, lasts
longer, and doesn't waste my time dealing with @#$#$ firmware files.

> I mean, the I am trying currently servera hardware models since  I  need
> highly optimized one (for solar-Energie Systems) and there is nothing in
> production yet.  I am 100% free what to do and how I do it...
> Since all of my software must run under GNU/Linux and is licensed  under
> GNU GPL version 3 I like to see, that my hardware/Software fit the  DFSG
> which mean, must run with "main".

Well if you require firmware to be provided by the OS to the hardware,
then the firmware either includes sources and goes in free, or it doesn't
and goes in non-free and some people will want to avoid buying it for
that reason.

Len Sorensen

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