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Re: [DRAFT] resolving DFSG violations

Am 2008-10-28 02:45:31, schrieb Thadeu Lima de Souza Cascardo:
> If it's not clear by now, people are not arguing that hardware should
> not be used if it is not free hardware (either it is feasible or not to
> distribute or exist source code). The matter is whether source for code
> that will not execute in the main CPU is needed for those codes in the
> main section. So, your point that it is not x86 code is moot in the case
> "firmware" is considered to be the same as other software in Debian. If
> source code isn't available or "possible" for the chip carries the same
> requirements for DFSG as the case would be for the x86 code, in the case
> "firmware" should still follow DFSG.

Anw what do you do with sourcode, for which there is not even a compiler
availlable under Linux/BSD?  And you HAV to buy a  8000 US$  development
suit from the chip manufacturer to build the firmware?

I have such software and EVEN me can not read the firmware.

I have ONLY a "project" in my IDE and it produce the firmware.

And now you!

> Even machine readable form would still be considered source if its
> interpretation by the machine could be presented to someone to make
> modifications to it. If it is not modifiable for some reason and every
> design should be done from scratch, perhaps there is a problem with the
> tools and/or processes used.

Do you have already tried to modify a binary blob or simply opened a (no
mather which) binary from /bin/ in a HEX editor and tried to modify  it?

> > Even the chip manufacturers don't know what they are. It's totally
> > machine generated chip garbage as far as they are concerned. Once you
> Which machines do generate this "garbage"? Do they do it all by
> themselves? Are there machines designing new hardware now without human
> intervention? Or are those chips magically enhanced so they could make
> some sense of any random bitstream and there is no real mistery in
> generating this "garbage"?

The software/IDE use "projects" which are not in human readable form...
...and if you have finisched, you  klick  the  button  "Output firmware"
and then you have the firmware blob.

> If the manufacturers are unaware of it, I doubt the designer is unaware
> of it.


It seems you have never designed Hardware or realy coded software for it

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