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pkg-netfilter team (was: Re: Bug#502402: ITP: xtables-addons -- Extensions for iptables)

Max Kellermann wrote:
>> What do you all think?
> +1 from me.  We are already maintaining our packages in a (private)
> subversion repository which we could (and should) move to Alioth.  Of
> course it's a good idea to have a bigger team, since I am an
> unofficial Debian maintainer, and sometimes Alexander doesn't have
> enough time to sponsor my package uploads, leading to unnecessary
> delays.
Thanks for this!

I created an alioth project with the name of "pkg-netfilter".
Please apply for membership:

Please discuss with Alexander if and how we can move your private
repository to Alioth. I guess an svndump would be a good starting point.

We should do this now, merging repositories at a later step would be far
more difficult.

Also, I haven't heard back from the other maintainers (still Cc'ed) but
I guess we have enough packages for a packaging team to exist.
Still, it'd be nice to have a larger team.


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