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Re: Free OS versus free hw

Loïc Minier <lool@dooz.org> writes:

>  Of course, producing a Debian including free firmwares would be
>  superior than producing a Debian which ships non-free firmwares,
>  but the actual option at hand is producing a Debian without the
>  firmwares.

Since the Social Contract promises Debian *won't* ship non-free
things, that's not an option compatible with the promises made by the
Debian project.

>  Naturally, I can imagine some people making use of the free
>  firmwares would they be available in Debian, but:

>  - this would probably be very little people

The same argument can be made for free software targeted to the
motherboard CPU. It can also be refuteded with similar
counter-arguments: for example, those few who *can* make use of free
software can improve and redistribute it, thereby benefiting many
others beside themselves. This is only possible if the work is
distributed as free software.

>  - it would be almost impossible to get the sources for all
>  firmwares generally useful to run a modern computer

I only expect the Debian project to hold to its promises for
distributing Debian as free software. Any firmware not being
distributed by Debian is outside the aegis of the project.

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