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Work-needing packages report for Oct 24, 2008

The following is a listing of packages for which help has been requested
through the WNPP (Work-Needing and Prospective Packages) system in the
last week.

Total number of orphaned packages: 435 (new: 1)
Total number of packages offered up for adoption: 124 (new: 0)
Total number of packages requested help for: 49 (new: 0)

Please refer to http://www.debian.org/devel/wnpp/ for more information.


The following packages have been orphaned:

   libapache2-mod-auth-shadow (#503184), orphaned today
     Description: Apache2 module for authentication using shadow

434 older packages have been omitted from this listing, see
http://www.debian.org/devel/wnpp/orphaned for a complete list.


No new packages have been given up for adoption, but a total of 124 packages
are awaiting adoption.  See http://www.debian.org/devel/wnpp/rfa_bypackage
for a complete list.


For the following packages help is requested:

   apache2 (#470795), requested 224 days ago
     Description: Co-maintainer wanted
     Reverse Depends: achims-guestbook ampache apache2 apache2-dbg
       apache2-mpm-event apache2-mpm-itk apache2-mpm-prefork
       apache2-mpm-worker apache2-prefork-dev apache2-suexec (154 more
     Installations reported by Popcon: 40047

   ara (#450876), requested 347 days ago
     Description: utility for searching the Debian package database
     Installations reported by Popcon: 116

   athcool (#278442), requested 1458 days ago
     Description: Enable powersaving mode for Athlon/Duron processors
     Installations reported by Popcon: 231

   bash-completion (#472468), requested 213 days ago
     Description: programmable completion for the bash shell
     Installations reported by Popcon: 17723

   cvs (#354176), requested 973 days ago
     Description: Concurrent Versions System
     Reverse Depends: crossvc cvs-autoreleasedeb cvs-buildpackage cvs2cl
       cvs2html cvschangelogbuilder cvsconnect cvsd cvsdelta cvsps (12 more
     Installations reported by Popcon: 22239

   darcs (#486192), requested 131 days ago
     Description: an advanced revision control system
     Reverse Depends: arch2darcs darcs-buildpackage darcs-load-dirs
       darcs-monitor darcs-server darcsweb
     Installations reported by Popcon: 1375

   dctrl-tools (#448284), requested 362 days ago
     Description: Command-line tools to process Debian package
     Reverse Depends: aptfs debian-goodies dlocate feta
       haskell-devscripts hg-buildpackage ia32-archive ia32-libs-tools
       mlmmj sbuild (1 more omitted)
     Installations reported by Popcon: 9146

   dpkg (#282283), requested 1433 days ago
     Description: dselect: a user tool to manage Debian packages
     Reverse Depends: alien alsa-source apt-build apt-cross apt-src
       backuppc build-essential bzr-builddeb cacao-oj6-dbg cacao-oj6-jdk
       (118 more omitted)
     Installations reported by Popcon: 78798

   drscheme (#402589), requested 682 days ago
     Description: PLT scheme programming environment
     Reverse Depends: drscheme minlog proofgeneral-minlog
     Installations reported by Popcon: 346

   elvis (#432298), requested 472 days ago
     Description: powerful clone of the vi/ex text editor (with X11
     Reverse Depends: elvis elvis-console elvis-tools
     Installations reported by Popcon: 372

   fglrx-driver (#454993), requested 320 days ago (non-free)
     Description: non-free AMD/ATI r5xx, r6xx display driver
     Reverse Depends: fglrx-amdcccle fglrx-atieventsd fglrx-control
       fglrx-driver fglrx-glx fglrx-glx-ia32 fglrx-kernel-src
     Installations reported by Popcon: 2181

   flightgear (#487388), requested 124 days ago
     Description: Flight Gear Flight Simulator
     Installations reported by Popcon: 937

   gentoo (#422498), requested 536 days ago
     Description: a fully GUI-configurable, two-pane X file manager
     Installations reported by Popcon: 283

   gnat-4.3 (#475374), requested 196 days ago
     Description: help needed to execute test cases
     Reverse Depends: adabrowse adacontrol asis-programs ghdl gnade-bin
       gnat gnat-4.3 gnat-gps libadasockets-dev libahven13 (45 more
     Installations reported by Popcon: 503

   gnat-gps (#496905), requested 56 days ago
     Description: co-maintainer needed
     Installations reported by Popcon: 119

   grub (#248397), requested 1627 days ago
     Description: GRand Unified Bootloader
     Reverse Depends: brdesktop-artwork-grub dfsbuild grub-choose-default
       grub-doc replicator startupmanager
     Installations reported by Popcon: 72272

   hotkey-setup (#483107), requested 149 days ago
     Description: auto-configures laptop hotkeys
     Installations reported by Popcon: 38293

   imagemagick (#452314), requested 337 days ago
     Description: Image manipulation programs
     Reverse Depends: advi-examples afterstep album ale ascd asymptote
       bins cimg-dev docbook2odf drgeo (82 more omitted)
     Installations reported by Popcon: 24422

   ispell-et (#391105), requested 750 days ago
     Description: Estonian dictionary for Aspell/Ispell/MySpell
     Installations reported by Popcon: 73

   jove (#470185), requested 228 days ago
     Description: Jonathan's Own Version of Emacs - a compact, powerful
     Reverse Depends: xjove
     Installations reported by Popcon: 277

   kvm (#479951), requested 169 days ago
     Description: Full virtualization on x86 hardware
     Reverse Depends: qemubuilder
     Installations reported by Popcon: 1261

   loop-aes-utils (#385614), requested 784 days ago
     Description: Tools for mounting and manipulating filesystems
     Reverse Depends: partman-crypto-loop
     Installations reported by Popcon: 727

   mantis (#471094), requested 222 days ago
     Description: web-based bug tracking system
     Installations reported by Popcon: 77

   mediawiki-extensions (#484545), requested 141 days ago
     Description: set of extensions for MediaWiki
     Reverse Depends: mediawiki-semediawiki
     Installations reported by Popcon: 379

   milter-greylist (#470188), requested 228 days ago
     Description: GreyList milter for sendmail
     Installations reported by Popcon: 36

   mol (#436450), requested 443 days ago
     Description: The Mac-on-Linux emulator
     Reverse Depends: mol-drivers-linux mol-drivers-macos
       mol-drivers-macosx mol-modules-source
     Installations reported by Popcon: 58

   mwavem (#313369), requested 1228 days ago (non-free)
     Description: Mwave/ACP modem support software
     Installations reported by Popcon: 5

   nas (#354174), requested 973 days ago
     Description: The Network Audio System
     Reverse Depends: acm acm4 alsaplayer-nas amor apollon atlantik
       audiooss bibletime camstream celestia-kde (240 more omitted)
     Installations reported by Popcon: 51269

   nn (#470187), requested 228 days ago
     Description: Heavy-duty USENET news reader (curses-based client)
     Installations reported by Popcon: 121

   openoffice.org (#419523), requested 556 days ago
     Description: OpenOffice.org Office suite
     Reverse Depends: brdesktop-common brdesktop-gnome broffice.org
       cli-uno-bridge docvert-openoffice.org libuno-cli-cppuhelper1.0-cil
       libuno-cli-types1.1-cil libuno-cli-ure1.0-cil mozilla-openoffice.org
       openoffice.org (90 more omitted)
     Installations reported by Popcon: 45228

   openscenegraph (#392266), requested 744 days ago
     Description: 3d scenegraph
     Reverse Depends: libopenscenegraph-dev libopenscenegraph7
       libopenthreads-dev libosgal1 openscenegraph osgcal
     Installations reported by Popcon: 180

   openssl (#332498), requested 1113 days ago
     Description: Secure Socket Layer (SSL) binary and related
       cryptographic tools
     Reverse Depends: 3270-common afbackup afbackup-client aircrack-ng
       alpine anon-proxy aolserver4-nsimap aolserver4-nsopenssl
       apache2-prefork-dev apache2-threaded-dev (576 more omitted)
     Installations reported by Popcon: 78000

   request-tracker3.6 (#469353), requested 233 days ago
     Description: Extensible trouble-ticket tracking system
     Reverse Depends: request-tracker3.6 rt3.6-rtfm
     Installations reported by Popcon: 240

   resolvconf (#477723), requested 182 days ago
     Description: name server information handler
     Reverse Depends: debian-edu-config
     Installations reported by Popcon: 7024

   rt2400 (#411791), requested 611 days ago
     Description: RT2400 wireless network drivers
     Installations reported by Popcon: 143

   rt2570 (#411790), requested 611 days ago
     Description: RT2570 wireless network drivers
     Installations reported by Popcon: 226

   rus-ispell (#391104), requested 750 days ago
     Description: Russian dictionary for Aspell/Ispell/MySpell
     Installations reported by Popcon: 1478

   sepolgen (#483641), requested 147 days ago
     Description: A Python module used in SELinux policy generation
     Reverse Depends: policycoreutils
     Installations reported by Popcon: 15483

   sgml-data (#358521), requested 946 days ago
     Description: common SGML and XML data
     Reverse Depends: debiandoc-sgml debiandoc2dbxml docbook
       docbook-simple docbook-xml epiphany-extensions linuxdoc-tools psgml
       stardict-common w3c-dtd-xhtml (3 more omitted)
     Installations reported by Popcon: 47657

   smlnj (#428273), requested 501 days ago
     Description: Standard ML of New Jersey interactive compiler
     Reverse Depends: libckit-smlnj libcml-smlnj libcmlutil-smlnj
       libexene-smlnj libmlnlffi-smlnj libmlrisctools-smlnj
       libpgraphutil-smlnj libsmlnj-smlnj ml-burg ml-lex (5 more omitted)
     Installations reported by Popcon: 91

   spamassassin (#469124), requested 234 days ago
     Description: Perl-based spam filter using text analysis
     Reverse Depends: claws-mail-spamassassin dtc-common fuzzyocr
       mailscanner sa-exim sa-learn-cyrus spamass-milter spampd
     Installations reported by Popcon: 12738

   sql-ledger (#472709), requested 212 days ago
     Description: A web based double-entry accounting program
     Installations reported by Popcon: 104

   stlport4.6 (#263052), requested 1543 days ago
     Description: STLport C++ class library
     Reverse Depends: cli-uno-bridge libstlport4.6-dev
       mozilla-openoffice.org openoffice.org-base openoffice.org-base-core
       openoffice.org-calc openoffice.org-core openoffice.org-dev
       openoffice.org-draw openoffice.org-evolution (14 more omitted)
     Installations reported by Popcon: 11794

   svn-buildpackage (#377467), requested 837 days ago
     Description: helper programs to maintain Debian packages with
     Reverse Depends: svn-autoreleasedeb
     Installations reported by Popcon: 1311

   torrus (#433223), requested 466 days ago
     Description: Universal front-end for Round-Robin Databases
     Reverse Depends: torrus-apache torrus-apache2
     Installations reported by Popcon: 24

   unicorn (#345547), requested 1026 days ago (non-free)
     Description: comaintainer with x86 hardware searched.
     Installations reported by Popcon: 66

   update-inetd (#472470), requested 213 days ago
     Description: inetd.conf updater
     Reverse Depends: amanda-common bootp cfingerd cups-bsd cvs ebhttpd
       ebnetd ebnetd-common efingerd fam (35 more omitted)
     Installations reported by Popcon: 77421

   wine (#479659), requested 171 days ago
     Description: Windows API implementation
     Reverse Depends: libwine-alsa libwine-capi libwine-cms libwine-dbg
       libwine-dev libwine-esd libwine-gl libwine-gphoto2 libwine-jack
       libwine-ldap (10 more omitted)
     Installations reported by Popcon: 12029

   wxwidgets2.8 (#463807), requested 263 days ago
     Description: help for wxwidgets2.8 is appreciated
     Reverse Depends: amaya amule amule-daemon amule-utils
       amule-utils-gui bittornado-gui drpython esteidutil extrema filezilla
       (21 more omitted)
     Installations reported by Popcon: 7152

See http://www.debian.org/devel/wnpp/help_requested for more information.

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