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Re: Bug Sprint - Oct 25 to Oct 30 - Register and eat cookies

Lucas Nussbaum wrote:

> On 22/10/08 at 20:38 -0500, Raphael Geissert wrote:
>> If everything goes the way I want it to be, it won't be just lucas the one
>> filing reports: I asked lucas if he could do the remove/purge test in lenny
> I'll do that.

Thanks :)

>> and
>> the full install/remove/purge test in etch (yeah, you know, there were some
>> changes in etch since r0 that could make packages break).
> That's not going to be easy.
> Please choose randomly 100 packages that are in etch. Then run the test
> you want to run using piuparts, and check that you don't find any FP.
> Adapt piuparts if you find problems. Provide me with a (modified)
> piuparts that does the test correctly, a list of (binary) packages in
> etch that I should test, and an etch chroot (as a tarball) I can use to
> test into.
> IOW, please turn this from "please fix piuparts for me" to "please
> provide computing power".

Hmm, I wouldn't expect piuparts causing more FPs in etch than in lenny or sid;
though I'll check some packages just make sure.

Raphael Geissert

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