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Re: Bug Sprint - Oct 25 to Oct 30 - Register and eat cookies

Josselin Mouette wrote:

> we are currently very close to release lenny which is most likely going
> to be absolutely awesome.
> However, there are currently around 100 RC bugs remaining 

Apologies if this has already been brought up.

Using the number RC bugs that a present in lenny and sid is--in my
opinion--a rather misleading metric of bugs that require attention for

This isn't just semantics; one obvious set of bugs that are missed here
are bugs that are only present in the upstream version correspending to
the version in lenny. We clearly care about these bugs.

Another example is that a fix that was uploaded to unstable and
unblocked for migration to lenny but it subsequently FTBFS on some arch.
Here, even if an explicit FTBFS bug is filed, it will only affects the
version in sid and will thus does not appear when applying the
bydist=both predicate.

I've found bugs in this category require considerably more work than
others, not only because they are typically indicative of a more serious
problem, but also because they require some syncing with -release and
the use of non-mainstream architectures.


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