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Re: Include justification in tagging bugs ‘$FOO-ignore’

In other words, if a tag indicates a special case, that special case
should be justified with a specific explanation.

I would like to see such justification expected for every such tag,
enforced by the convention that tags with *no* justification provided
can be summarily removed by anyone. This would place the burden of
argument in the correct place, as I see it, while not needing anything
as heavy-handed as a policy requirement.

Is that feasible? Is it reasonable?
Anyone can certainly remove the tag, but I don't think it's a good idea that such a tag be removed without the release team's approval. I see these tags as being for the release team's use; hence the team should determine by itself whether these tags should be applied. Maybe the tags should also be moved from the main namespace to the release team's "usertags".

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