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Tradititional african music

Dear Mr Seelig,

Hopefully you will excuse me mailing to you. You have the same name as my grandfather and you work for the african music archive. My grandfather preserved a lot of traditional Javanese and Thai music and did a lot of research to the origine, dance and occasion. Most of his work has been lost during the war. I am also in the music and try to continue his work. The most interesting is to find musical changes by influence of foreign countries. In Suriname I found mixtures Javanese and African music and probably with an flavour of Colombien music but unfortunately not the traditionel origines. I am looking for traditionel music of the west side of Africa to find out relations with Javaneese music and for North-east African music to find out relations with Thai music.
Could you help me?
Thank you on forehand
Peter Paul Seelig

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