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Re: Bug reports of DFSG violations are tagged ???lenny-ignore????

----- "Gunnar Wolf" <gwolf@gwolf.org> wrote:

> Umh, problem is the myriad of jurisdictions all over the world. This
> would very easily become unfeasible. In the end, it ends up being each
> user's responsability to obey the law the best way he can. Debian
> helps as much as possible by only using valid, free and compatible
> licensing schemes - but if in West Namibia it becomes illegal to
> digitally manipulate photographies, we won't stop shipping photo
> manipulation programs. 

I guess the question is, staying in the arena of "100% Free", what if DRM technologies become pervasive in the United States and Europe and it literally becomes illegal to have a computer without some proprietary software in it? What if it becomes impossible to develop on a computer, legally, without compromising? Would it still be better to have a computer that is 99.9% free? Keep in mind that I'm asking this in the scenario where providing the last 0.01% as Free Software would be illegal.

With the way cell phones and hosted applications are developing it might not be so far-fetched.

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