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Re: Bug reports of DFSG violations are tagged ???lenny-ignore????

Ean Schuessler dijo [Tue, Oct 21, 2008 at 04:35:55PM -0500]:
> If I was going to suggest any kind of change to the Social Contract
> at this point it would be:
> 6. Debian will obey the law
> We acknowledge that our users live in real communities in the real
> world. We will support the needs of our users to comply with the
> laws that are applicable in the places where they use their
> software. We will strive to create the most usable operating system
> legally possible for our users. Within the boundaries of our
> resources we will work with our developers to track and adapt the
> changes necessary for them to comply with the laws and rules of
> their local authority. In the jurisdiction of authorities which are
> antagonistic to the cause of Free Software we will work within the
> boundaries of the law to promote change to a more open system.
> ...
> Obviously, we can't be in the position of asking our donors or our
> users to purposefully break the law. Where law and logistics make it
> impossible to be "completely free" we must strive to be as "free as
> legally possible" and work to promote positive change.

Umh, problem is the myriad of jurisdictions all over the world. This
would very easily become unfeasible. In the end, it ends up being each
user's responsability to obey the law the best way he can. Debian
helps as much as possible by only using valid, free and compatible
licensing schemes - but if in West Namibia it becomes illegal to
digitally manipulate photographies, we won't stop shipping photo
manipulation programs. 


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