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Re: Bug reports of DFSG violations are tagged ‘lenny-ignore’?

On Mon, Oct 20, 2008 at 08:48:50AM +0200, Marc 'HE' Brockschmidt wrote:
> While fixing
> these issues is and should be a goal of Debian, it's hardly something
> that can be done in the last few weeks before releasing.

If I may make a suggestion, instead of trying to justify that Debian should
change its goals against the will of the majority of the developers, the
release team could just keep ignoring them all the same, and instead of
referring to the result as "Debian", just find another name to make SC #1

And if you find yourself in difficulty finding a name, I think "Blobbie" is
a pretty one.

Robert Millan

  The DRM opt-in fallacy: "Your data belongs to us. We will decide when (and
  how) you may access your data; but nobody's threatening your freedom: we
  still allow you to remove your data and not access it at all."

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