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Re: Rejuvenated kernel-package uploaded to unstable, please test

Manoj Srivastava wrote:

>> This means that if you start installing the same firmware file under
>> versioned directories, udev will use the first one it finds. Which
>> will be the one for some $random kernel version and not the one for
>> the currently running kernel.
> This is not a sound argument.
> And if I have multiple kernels installed, and only one firmware,
> theb the firmware on the machine will be the random firmware most
> recently installed. By just reverting back to upstream behaviour, this
> randomness in the face of versioned dirs disappears.

Please hit me with the cluebat; apparently I'm not understanding anything. Why
would I want to have more than one firmware installed? AIUI, the firmware is
meant to be installed into the hardware and as such shouldn't be tied to the
kernel version. In fact, I would expect the firmware to be the same across
several kernel versions. A new firmware should not break the hardware-kernel
interface in a backwards-incompatible manner. And I guess the kernel should
ignore hardware features the firmware doesn't support. The worst case scenario
I see is that when you have different kernel and firmware versions, there could
be things your hardware can do, the kernel supports it, but the firmware
doesn't or the other way around. In that case, I only care about having the
latest firmware around.


  Felipe Sateler

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