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Re: Rejuvenated kernel-package uploaded to unstable, please test

Manoj wrote:
> It correctly installs firmware in a versioned location under
> /lib/firmware.

Problem is that even though this may avoid package conflicts, it is *not* 
correct given the way Debian currently looks for firmware. Also, it is 
not the way upstream recommends to install firmware.

All (non-free) Debian firmware packages install the firmware files 
directly under /lib/firmware, not /lib/firmware/$kernel-version.

And Debian's udev does not consider the kernel-version when looking for 
firmware. /lib/udev/hotplug.functions has:
FIRMWARE_DIRS='/lib/firmware /usr/local/lib/firmware /usr/lib/hotplug/firmware'

This means that if you start installing the same firmware file under 
versioned directories, udev will use the first one it finds. Which will 
be the one for some $random kernel version and not the one for the 
currently running kernel.

Installing firmware in versioned directories will also result in bloated 
initramfs initrds as the whole /lib/firmware dir will be copied into 
them, including the duplicated firmware files for all installed kernel 

The correct solution for this would IMO be to have kernel-package build a 
*separate* package for firmware which does not include the kernel version 
in its package name.

IMO this is an RC bug in the new kernel-package.


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