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Bug sprint !


there are currently 122 RC bugs remaining that affect both testing and
unstable. We need to fix them NOW.

However, in the permanent BSP state that has lasted for quite some time,
people seem to lose focus on this urgent need for the release. So the
idea is:
	122 developers × 5 days = 122 RC bugs fixed

The rules are : at the end of a 5-day period, the bug you are assigned
must be closed in unstable or have a lenny-ignore tag. Otherwise this is
a free-for-all.

The first 5 developers to fix their bugs will be sent a box of home-made
cookies. Those who can’t fix their bugs in 5 days will receive the visit
of a release manager who will hit them with a rusty shovel.

All we need is 122 skilled developers willing to sign in this contract
(with their blood).

Does it sound like a realistic idea? If people agree with it, I’ll setup
a wiki page to collect the volunteer list and send an announcement.

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