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Bug#501590: Processed: Re: Bug#501590: PrintScreen key causes many apps to suddenly die if you are running in Linux text mode

Quoting Holger Levsen (holger@layer-acht.org):
> Hi Christian,
> I don't understand why you reassigned this bug to general. Surely, if you want 
> to discuss this with debian-devel@ you can cc: the list. Reassigning the bug 
> to general often achieves nothing (which cannot be achieved by cc:ing) while 
> it tends to pile up the list of general bugs and get forgotten.

Well, here it achieved getting soem discussion. For whatever reason,
I'm unsure it would have happened with a simple CC.

Anton seems to agree that the bug should be fixed.

I'd like to hear more about other people as well. Another option would
be to seek an advice from the Technical Comittee as I feel that
changing a behaviour that is here for ages is not something one can
decide alone.

Particularly in the case of console-data where I always explained that
I try to maintain the package in the best shape I can even though
console stuff is not really something I'm very keen about.

I have nothing against changing the behaviour of PrtScr but,

- this can't be done *now*
- this has to be discussed first.

If it is confirmed that only console-data and console-setup are
affected by this, I'm OK to reassign the bug to console-data (as Anton
cloned it for c-s) but, still, that needs some consensus.

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