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Bug#501590: PrintScreen key causes many apps to suddenly die if you are running in Linux text mode

clone 501590 -1
reassign -1 console-setup

On Thu, Oct 09, 2008 at 06:39:59AM +0200, Christian Perrier wrote:
> Quoting Jason Spiro (jasonspiro4@gmail.com):
> > I assigned it to console-data because it I assume that the bug is
> > caused by the line "keycode 99 = Control_backslash" in
> > console-data/keymaps/i386/include/linux-keys-bare.inc.  I didn't try
> > changing the line and rebooting, so I might be wrong.  If I am wrong,
> > then just reassign to the pseudo-package "general".

I agree that the only practical way to fix this bug is to change the the 
console keymaps.  Thats why I am reassigning a clone to console-setup 
and if Christian doesn't object I intend to fix the keymaps at least 

I will try to make Control+PrintScreen=Control_backslash and 
plain PrintScreen=VoidSymbol.

> I think you're asking for a change that:
> - will change establisehd behaviour for ages

This is true but I don't think anybody will be agains the change in the 
behaviour.  It is not difficult to press Control+PrintScreen instead of 
plain PrintScreen if one needs the old behaviour.

BTW, for many years I am used to pull out the PrintScreen key from the 
keyboards I use on the console.  Notice that on some keyboards there is 
no space between the PrintScreen key and the Insert and Home keys so it 
is realy easy to press that key by accident.

> - needs to be coordinated between many packages, not only console-data

I think only console-data and console-setup.

> - does nto even concern only Debian

True, I can discuss this with the upstream of kbd if you agree.

Anton Zinoviev

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