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Re: Packaging shell functions


Michael Meskes <meskes@debian.org> writes:

>> I'm packaging a little tool called vared. Vared relies on some shell
>> functions and/or aliases that must have been sourced into the
>> environment before usage. What may be the best pratice to package
>> such shell functions?
>> ...
> How about a little wrapper setting the environment and then executing the real 
> tool?
vared [1] lets you edit environment variables an a fancy way and than
it sets their new value in your current shell session. The shell
functions/aliases are a crude way to work around some limitations
(environment variables can only be propagated downwards the process
tree). With this setup I see no way to build a wrapper, in other
words, the shell functions/aliases are allready a wrapper ;).

Michael, too ;)

[1] http://www.c0t0d0s0.de/vared/

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