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Re: Spam-Problem with linux.debian.user.german

On Mon, Sep 29, 2008 at 04:46:11PM +0100, Klaus Ethgen wrote:

> I had posted a followup to linux.debian.user.german. Now I got a very
> strange mail from a italian host telling me that the post was canceled
> and that I have to subscribe a mailing list.

> What the hell is that about? I did not post to any mailing list. I did

The linux.debian.user.german is a version of the debian-user-german
mailing list gatewayed to news, it's not a newsgroup as such.  This
applies to most (if not all) of the linux.* groups.

> post to a nntp group. I do not want to subscribe to one another mailing
> list when there is a nntp group available. Mailing lists are as bad as
> this forum stuff. For all and ever a new account with a new password.[0]

The Debian mailing list infrastructure doesn't have per-list passwords
(it's pretty much only mailman that does that) and doesn't require that
you be subscribed to post so hopefully it will be easier for you to use
than most mailing lists are.

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