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Re: masqmail revival!


* markus schnalke [2008-09-28 23:49]:
> The reasons I send this mail are to inform you about what I just told,
> and I want to ask you for documentation and stuff you have about
> masqmail---things that could help me on my thesis or on further
> development.

Long time ago, I wrote some documentation for Masqmail on SuSE
distribution (8.x). This documentation is outdated now. I uploaded it
on http://www.bwalle.de/temp/masqmail.pdf (in German).

If somebody wants to provide similar documentation in future, I can
give the permission to use all that text as basis, and also send you
the LaTeX source code.

But unfortunately, I don't have time to maintain that documentation in
future. I don't use Masqmail any more, I switched to some graphical
mailer (and IMAP) long time ago and so I don't need it any more.


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