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masqmail revival!

Hello users of masqmail,

I collected your email addresses from debian/changelog of the masqmail
package, the bugs in Debian for it and the archive of the old masqmail
So everyone of you had some contact with this MTA.

You probably realized that Oliver Kurth (the upstream author and
former package maintainer) had stopped working on it. Actually he
wasn't seen for a long time and mails to him are bouncing.

I investigated for contact information and finally talked to him on
the phone. He's still alive, but is not active anymore on masqmail and
He gave his okay that I can take masqmail upstream and maintain the
Debian package.

This is what I want to do. In addition, I write my diploma thesis at
the moment, and it's about masqmail also, so this fits good.

A new project website is created (but not finished):
and a new mailinglist aswell:

The reasons I send this mail are to inform you about what I just told,
and I want to ask you for documentation and stuff you have about
masqmail---things that could help me on my thesis or on further
Second, I want to invite you to help me in development and in
Also I ask for advice and hints of any kind.

Maybe one of the DDs among you want to sponsor me, uploading the
Some kind of check of my work would be good too, if someone would like
to do that.

feel free to contact me


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