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Re: RFC: update-rc.d <script> disable|reenable

On Wed, Sep 24, 2008 at 09:57:19AM -0400, Marvin Renich wrote:
> There are two things wrong with that.  First, not stopping a service
> when both the new and previous runlevels have a K link is an explicit
> optimization, not the defined behavior.  The traditional definition of a
> K link was to kill the service when changing to that runlevel if the
> service was running.  Second, it loses information about whether the
> original link was S or K.

> Prepending "~" (or some other character) allows temporarily suspending
> the automatic runlevel handling of that service, and then restoring it,
> including restoring any customization done by the sysadmin.

This is incompatible with the invoke-rc.d implementation in sysv-rc, which
relies on being able to find a K link to determine the policy for the
runlevel.  If no K link is found, the policy is undefined and the service
will be restarted on package upgrades.

I don't think that the information about what the original link was is all
that relevant, anyway.  Only the current policy, as defined by the admin,
should matter.

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