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Re: RFC: update-rc.d <script> disable|reenable

Marvin Renich wrote:

> I don't think disabling and enabling a service is the right paradigm.
> What I want, when I am fiddling with services, is to switch between
> automatic and manual.  In automatic mode, changes in runlevel do the
> traditional starting and stopping of services based on the symlink farm
> or runlevel.conf.  When a particular service is in manual mode, changes
> in runlevel should do _absolutely nothing_ to that service (with the
> obvious exception for runlevels 0 and 6).

If you rename all symlinks to K??, as the patch does, you will get such
a behaviour.
I.e. when you boot your system, the service will not be started
automatically. It also won't be stopped or started when you change a
runlevel, even if you have started it manually.

Yeah, maybe the terms automatic and manual are clearer for what is
actually happening.

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