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Re: Bug#497304: general: packages cannot be partially installed

On 25-Sep-08, 08:34 (CDT), Michelle Konzack <linux4michelle@tamay-dogan.net> wrote: 
> Am 2008-09-22 16:43:51, schrieb Steve Greenland:
> > apt-get install localepurge
> I was thinking on this too but it has an negative impact, since you have
> to install the whole thing first...  where you can run out of  space  in
> small systems and then you have to purge it...

OP said it was okay if the translations are in the package file, so I
interpeted this as okay.

> While looking into the apt-hooks, I do not know how they are working and
> whether it is possibel to purge the unneccesary file after unpacking  of
> EACH SINGEL PACKAGE since purging after unpacking of ALL PACKAGES can be
> a killer...

But if you're running out space during unpacking, you've got problems
anyway. This might buy a little more time, sure, but I'd guess it's
very narrow region where unpacking all the packages in the current
installation run would succeed *except* for the translation files.

> Since some systems do not need /usr/share/doc/* there could  be  a  hook
> too which eliminate those GBytes of stuff...  But it should leave "-doc"
> packages as they are...

There have been proposals in the past to allow filtering of directories
in dpkg for precisely this reason. I don't know whether it turned out to
be infeasable, or just that no one has implemented it.

Anyway, localepurge is available now, and while it may not be the
cleanest possible solution, it does seem to work okay, and does get rid
of all those pesky files I'm too stupid to use :-).

Steve the monolingual

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