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Re: Bug#497304: general: packages cannot be partially installed

Am Tuesday 02 September 2008 16:01:17 schrieb Michelle Konzack:
> Am 2008-08-31 19:08:49, schrieb Mark Hobley:
> > eg: coreutils depends on coreutils-fileutils and
> > coreutils-fileutils depends on coreutils-fileutils-head,
> > coreutils-fileutils-split
> This would leed into over 200.000 Binary packages...
> > It is policy that internationalized (non-english) components are
> > packaged separately to the core package. For example, a package foobar,
> > would have its french documentation in a separate foobar-fr package.
> >
> > Packages should not install cruft on the system. This means that a
> > package should not install a foreign language file, unless the system
> > has been explicitly configured to support that foreign language.
> Hmmm, how many languages do we have?
> If each package is only translated into 10  languages,  your  wish  will
> lead into over 15.000 additional packages.

That's not what he said. If installation of language files (they can still be 
in the program package) could be only done for the language(s) that the user 
wants (many systems only will ever use one specific translation), you could 
reduce the installed files by many thousands.
Actually nobody needs all of them but only a subset. Disc space of cheap most 
of the time, though.


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