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Re: [RFC] How should rsyslog handle .0 logfiles from sysklogd

Andrei Popescu wrote:
> On Fri,19.Sep.08, 23:57:54, Michael Biebl wrote:
>> Afaics I have the following options.
>> 1.) Do nothing and simply document this fact in README.Debian, telling
>> the admin that he can safely delete this files if he no longer needs them.
> I would have rather suggested NEWS.Debian if apt-listchanges was higher 
> priority. Anyway, this should also be documented in the release notes.

Agreed, mentioning this issue in the release notes would probably be a
good idea in this case.

> After reading this I went on cleaning my /var/log/ and found some recent 
> .0 files (I switched to rsyslog in July):

I forgot to mention this in 2.). The .0 files will also be outdated if
you have already switched to rsyslog (as user of testing or unstable),
i.e. .1 will be newer than .0.
What to do in this case? Rotating .0 imho would do more harm than good.

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