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Re: [RFC] How should rsyslog handle .0 logfiles from sysklogd

Michael Biebl <biebl@debian.org> wrote:
> Unfortunately sysklogd uses a custom log rotate mechanism,
> which starts the log rotate cycle at .0
> The default logrotate configuration starts the log rotate cyle at .1.

> This leaves .0 files around when you switch from sysklogd to rsyslog [2]
> which will never be rotated.
> 2.) Try to log rotate the .0 files for the default Debian log files in
> postinst. I feel a bit uneasy about this approach, for several reasons:
> - It adds fairly reasonable complexity to the maintainer scripts, if you
> want to consider all corner cases.
> E.g. if you switch from syslog-ng to rsyslog, it is very likely that you
> have old .0 files lying around (from a sysklogd->syslog-ng switch), so
> syslog.1 would be older than syslog.2 which would be very confusing.

I do not think it is that critical to work around the (same) bug in other
syslog implementations.
cu andreas
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