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Re: nut package freeze exception request (dependency based boot)

[Anton Martchukov]
> I have checked for other packages, e.g. exim is providing virtual
> package "mail-transport-agent", but I see no "mail-transport-agent"
> symlink in /etc/init.d. Same for my "apache2" providing "httpd"
> virtual package and again no symlink in /etc/init.d.

Yes, you have discovered bugs in the init.d script headers.  These
need to be fixed to avoid problems with dependency based boot

> I wonder if anybody provides virtual package symlink in /etc/init.d
> and have already found solution for insserv? Looks like most
> packages have no such symlink and thus no problems with insserv. Do
> we really need it?

I am not aware of any other package symlinking scripts the way
ups-monitor does in /etc/init.d/.

> If we need virtual package scripts in init.d than I see now to options:
> 1) Use a script instead of symlink with different lsb headers (this
> means rework of all packages using symlink)

I suspect this involves very few packages, and could be implemented
for Lenny, thought it is rather late for it. :) I would recommend this

> 2) Changhe insserv to not count symlinks at all (do not know about
> possible affects about it)

This will break debian-edu (which symlink in a script used for the
first boot after installation, and remove it after the boot).  I am
not sure about other effects.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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