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RE : Debian on Zaurus ?


> According to this, I asked myself, if there might be an easy way to install
> debian on a Sharp Zaurus SL-C1000. I googled, but I only found some homebrew
> images and ways of install with very oold kernels (or japanese environments
> and so on).

I own a Zaurus (C1000 series) and i've worked on running Debian armel on it.
You can read some informations about it on this webpage: http://zecrazytux.net/Geeky_stuffs/Zaurus/

Ressources can be found at oesf.org/forum.

Debian armel (EABI) runs great on the Zaurus. You'll need a large storage on a SD card for the rootfs.

>> I hope, that the knowledge of "installing debian on freerunner" might be
>> easyly transferred to be able to install debian on the Zaurus machine. The
>> Zaurus got a strong-arm cpu, as well as the freerunner.

The mighty way to "install" debian on a C1000 is by running a on-flash already flashed kernel and a base filesystem on a SD card.

>Depending on the amount of storage available, you might want to use
>Debian or Emdebian but Emdebian for armel is not ready yet.

Debian armel used to run great some month ago :)
I haven't took care of my Z for many months due to lack of time...
But let's try it !

Have a good day !



zecrazytux - Sebastien BOCAHU

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