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Re: Bug#496967: general: System completely blocks any input

On Sat, 2008-08-30 at 14:26 +0200, Frank Küster wrote:
> Hi,
> Am 29.08.2008 um 23:44 schrieb J.A. Bezemer:
> >
> > Boot with "init=/bin/sh" and wait. Still hangs? -> kernel or hardware
> > problem.
> It didn't hang for nearly an hour, and now again with the first  
> couple of scripts in /etc/rcS.d executed it is running for 20  
> minutes. I'll give it 15 minutes after each change and then try the  
> next couple of scripts.
> By the way, is there a possibility to stop a process in /bin/sh? I  
> executed "while true; do uptime; sleep 10; done" and couldn't stop it  
> with Ctrl+c. I invoked bash as a workaround.

That should work, but the interrupt key is part of the terminal settings
and bash may override them where sh does not.  "stty sane" (why is the
terminal not sane by default?) should fix this.

It may also be useful to use "openvt" to create another virtual console
in case you run something that cannot be interrupted.

> > Open case and put a big fan in front.
> > Replace power supply.
> >
> It's a laptop, and the sensors didn't report anything suspicious. It  
> hangs with battery only and with external power only, that doesn't  
> matter.
> Thanks for the hints (strange how one is completely devoid of ideas  
> when it's one's one machine...)

Have you tried switching back to the text console after X starts and
then waiting for the system to hang?  If it is oops-ing you should get a
backtrace there, and you may also be able to use magic SysRq
<http://kernel.org/doc/Documentation/sysrq.txt> to get more information.


Ben Hutchings
It is easier to write an incorrect program than to understand a correct one.

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