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Re: Section of the sendmail manual page

pe, 2008-08-29 kello 20:42 +0200, Michael Schutte kirjoitti:
> sendmail(8) (citadel-mta has neither of them; I’m going to open a
> serious bug after receiving some replies to this mail).

I don't think a missing manual page is a serious bug.

> Which section of the manual do you think sendmail belongs in?  I don’t
> have a strong opinion on this; it can act as a daemon process as well as
> an ordinary program started by an MUA.  I’d personally go with
> sendmail(8) to file fewer bugs (it’s the traditional choice, too).

/usr/sbin/sendmail is, most importantly, a command line API for sending
e-mail, which user agents and other software can and do use. For this
role, I think section 1 is most appropriate, and section 8 is also fine.

/usr/sbin/sendmail can also be a daemon that provides a mail transport
agent. For this role, section 8 seems like the only choice.

Thus, I think the right section is dependent on how the package uses
the /usr/sbin/sendmail it provides, but if you insist on the same
section being used everywhere, then it's 8. 

I do not see it as a problem for different packages to provide the
manual page in different sections. But I may be missing something, and
if so, please elaborate.

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