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Section of the sendmail manual page

Hi everyone,

Of the 13 packages in sid providing mail-transport-agent, four come with
a sendmail(1) manual page, while the remaining eight ship with
sendmail(8) (citadel-mta has neither of them; I’m going to open a
serious bug after receiving some replies to this mail).  I could barely
care less under most circumstances, but it does make maintainer scripts
for sendmail wrappers longer by two dpkg-divert lines.

Which section of the manual do you think sendmail belongs in?  I don’t
have a strong opinion on this; it can act as a daemon process as well as
an ordinary program started by an MUA.  I’d personally go with
sendmail(8) to file fewer bugs (it’s the traditional choice, too).

Michael Schutte <michi@uiae.at>

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