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What should be on a rescue CD ? (was Re: Debian Live Lenny Beta1)

Daniel Baumann writes ("Debian Live Lenny Beta1"):
>   * The rescue flavour, containing system rescue and forensic related
>     packages, is missing in this beta release.

I've spoken to Daniel and the main question here is determining the
right list of packages for the rescue flavour.

So in a spirit of consultation, and to make sure we don't leave out
anything small but vitally useful, please send me your suggestions for
things which we might forget to put on the rescue CD but which would
be very useful.

Obviously it will have the usual filesystem and disk management tools,
basic networking stuff, relevant security functionality, a selection
of text editors.

Hopefully we can fit enough compiler toolchain to be able to recompile
a Linux kernel.  I think we will be avoiding X11.  We'll have w3m and
probably an irc client :-) (but which one?)

What hex editor(s) should it have ?  How important is it to have
python, tcl, ruby or other scripting languages ?  Which ONE version
of Emacs ?  Both nvi _and_ elvis ?


Please send replies directly to me and don't worry about duplicating
what other people send.  On the other hand please don't email me if
all you can think of is obvious thinks like fdisk, mdadm, mkfs,
dmsetup, lilo, grub, ...

The current list (which I haven't added even my suggestions to yet)
is at
(I am told - I can't check right now because alioth seems to be down)

We may end up with two CDs - a heavy and a small one - depending on
what our list of packages looks like.


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