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Re: automatic bug filing by test robot

Gonéri Le Bouder writes ("Re: automatic bug filing by test robot"):
> Sorry for promoting my pet toy but I think your script would be a
> great input.

Right ...

> I'm working improving svnbuildstat to be able to support different input. The
> idea is:
>  -a database
>  -a webinterface to follow the packages status
>  -a QA input for builds and QA checks

Right.  Note that most of the effort in my system is in
 * a quickly-resettable VM containing a pretty much normal
   system (although a small one) rather than a chroot
 * machinery for running tests which are declared by a package
   - but note that almost no packages currently declare any
   tests so this is of limited use right now

The tests my framework does when a package doesn't declare any
specific function tests are mostly a smallish subset of piuparts.

> 3/ it checks the package

It would certainly be good from my point of view to have a run of the
autopkgtest package-declared functional tests here.


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