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Re: automatic bug filing by test robot

On Wed, Aug 27, 2008 at 10:10:13PM +0100, Ian Jackson wrote:
> Now that gdebi-core is in back in lenny I've got my automatic package
> testing robot working on lenny again.  (I got stalled last time due to
> leaving Canonical and being busy for a while.)
> Mostly what it does right now is build a package, discover that the
> package doesn't have any autopkgtest tests declared in
> debian/tests/control, and then go on to the next package; it also does
> test installs.  This is useful as it tests buildability and
> installability (but of course having functional tests in packages
> would be good too - the documentation for this is currently in
>  /usr/share/doc/autopkgtest/README.package-tests.gz
> in autopkgtest).
> I'm hoping to shortly turn on the automatic bug filing mechanism.
> I'm writing now to give people a chance to object :-).
> Also, if you have any comments about the format of the email,
> supporting references, etc., that would be helpful.
Hi Ian,

Sorry for promoting my pet toy but I think your script would be a great input.

I'm working improving svnbuildstat to be able to support different input. The
idea is:
 -a database
 -a webinterface to follow the packages status
 -a QA input for builds and QA checks

The current release is avalaible here: http://svnbuildstat.debian.net
It as some know limitations and bugs that I'm adressing with the new
release. This new release will:
 -address package from other VCS, not only SVN,
 -the database schema allow the input of an unlimited list of QA tools
  (lintian, piuparts, gcc-snapshot, etc)
 -and distributed buildd based on pbuilder 

The development release is avalaible here: http://buildstat.debian.net.
There is still loads of things to fix but I think it'll be sane quickly

There is no good documentation of the architecture yet but basicly for
a VCS it's:

VCS status:
1/ a commit is done
2/ the database is updated
3/ I try to find the tarball (e.g: ftp.debian.org or with the watchfile)
4/ I prepare a source package
5/ the database is updated

1/ a buildbot ask for a package to build
2/ I look for the oldest package source that is not built yet
3/ I give the .dsc URL to the buildbot
4/ I do the job and upload back the result
5/ the database is updated
The idea here, is to provide the buildbot as a Debian package for Sid

1/ a qa tool asks for a jobs
2/ depending on what it wants it get a source or build result to
3/ it checks the package
4/ it uploads the result
5/ the database is updated
   the upload result is one or more string in the lintian format + a log

I also think about checking packages from the Debian repository too. I
don't see any major limitation even if it's not in my current TODO list.
I still need some weeks to get it usuable but I'm working on this
release for too long now and I really want to make it usuable for all.

For the moment:
 -The DB schema is ok, an outdated picture is avalaible here:
 -the buildbot script works fine
 -most of the interface parts are ok, still some changes are needed
 -git input script is done at 50%. The svn one is ok


     Gonéri Le Bouder

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