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Bug#78782: syslogs in debian

On 2008-08-25 20:37, Michael Biebl wrote:
Holger Levsen wrote:
Hi Michael,

as you know the state of the various syslogd implementations in Debian well, could you please comment on, reassign and/or close #78782? ;-)

We nowadays have the virtual packages system-log-daemon and
The available syslog solutions we currently have are:

All provide (and conflict with) system-log-daemon/linux-kernel-log-daemon

A analysis of the packages depending on a syslog package some months ago
[1] showed, that all have at least system-log-daemon as alternative
depedency (the ones which didn't have been fixed). So you can switch to
your preferred syslog, if you want so.
The current default syslog for Debian is rsyslog.

I just installed using Debian lenny beta2 installer, and then did a dist-upgrade to sid, my syslog is still
sysklogd (though apt-get install rsyslog shows no conflicts).
If rsyslog should have been installed, is it a bug in the installer?

Best regards,

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