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Re: Help supporting Debian on a Kurobox

Am Freitag 22 August 2008 schrieb =?iso-8859-1?Q?Rog=E9rio?= Brito:
> I obviously want to run Debian on it so that I downloaded the powerpc
> basedebs.tar from woody, a statically linked busybox (for chroot),
> unpacked and manually installed these packages, upgraded to sarge and
> now to etch. This system image is already tarred and available for
> others to see, if necessary.

Hi Brito,

interesting hardware.
Do you know 
http://www.harunana.jp/apache2-default/index.php?Debian%EF%BC%9Awoody%E2%86%92sarge%E5%8C%96 ?

Maybe you can get help there.


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