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Re: RFA: The Debian Jr. project

On Mon, 25 Aug 2008, Miriam Ruiz wrote:

I have different plans for Debian Jr than those in from Debian-Edu if
I was to adopt that project. It would be nice to talk about it. I'll
try to find time to write a text on my view about the future of the
Debian Jr Project as soon as I can.

From my point of view if you provide a system for children it is always
connected to education - so there is definetely a common set between
Debian Edu and Debian Jr.  My perception of these both projects is that
while Debian Edu targets computers in a school Debian Jr has the goal
to make Debian attractive for children at home (including children which
are not yet in school).  So even if there is a good chance of fruitful
cooperation (lurking members of both projects on each mailing list makes
perfectly sense) I would see some sense in keeping the projects separately -
provided that the attempt to revitalise Debian Jr proves to be successful.
If the later is not the case some Debian Edu@home (with some people
dedicated to work on this!) might be a reasonable alternative.

(BTW, knowing that more and more Debian Edu members have children at
 home I see an increased motivation to work on these issues. ;-))

Miriam, good luck at the revitalisation front!  I'm willing to support
your effort by sharing experiences and technically with the DIS tools
(formerly known as CDD tools).

Kind regards



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