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Re: RFA: The Debian Jr. project

Hi Ben,

thanks for your work on Debian Jr. and for acknowledging that you don't have 
time/a heart for it anymore!

On Thursday 07 August 2008 12:46, Ben Armstrong wrote:
> The time has come for me to give up the [0]Debian Jr. project for
> someone else to lead. While I still have a clear vision for it,

Is that vision written down somewhere?

Because I often think, that Debian Jr. could be(come a) part of Debian Edu. In 
Etch Debian Edu came with one preconfigured desktop (which is KDE and rather 
aimed at older students), but now we are in the process of merging with Linex 
and they have used three (iirc) different gnome desktops (configurations), 
one for 1st+2nd grade, one for 3rd+4th grade and another one for older 
students. I'd say that Debian Jr fits in the 0th+1st grade "category" ;-)

What do you think?

> Here are just a few ideas I have to move the project forward:

IMHO those ideas fit very well into Debian Edu too, we even have implemented 
some of them already :)

> * Update the appearance of Debian Jr.
>   * Incorporate the winning entry in the logo contest into Debian
>     Jr. and the web site.

Can you give a pointer to that logo please?!


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