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Re: Debian marketing team

Hi Andreas,
As response to your post from some while ago:

Andreas Schuldei wrote:
  * It would be good to collect Debian related News centrally (wiki)
    and depending on its content and impact spread them locally or globally.

For collection(plus commenting, tagging, and saving of snapshots!) of news from the internet, I can recommend insipid:


It's a delicious clone, written in Perl. I'm using it for my personal bookmarks since a while, and it works fine.

It's a probably a more structured way to save this data than a wiki.

  * We need to put together plan and understand both who uses
    Debian and where Debian would fit in well and should be used.
    For that we need marketing savvy people. We want to meet and work on
    this. Have you been to Extremadura yet? Do you want to go there?
    Sightseeing not included.

Sounds good. I'm not a marketing specialist, but worked a while in the advertising industry so I have an idea about the things going on there, and some contacts to people there, and so I'd like to help.

It might be an idea to ask companies doing debian-based stuff wether they want to sponsor some slices of their marketing teams' time to help Debian become more popular.

We started putting together ideas at http://wiki.debian.org/Marketing,
will use the existing mailing list debian-publicity@lists.debian.org
and the irc channel #debian-marketing on irc.debian.org for communication.

Great, thanks!

A suggestion: Probably the primary goal of marketing, and not mentioned in the wiki page yet:

Make Debian more popular and being used by even more people (and attract more developers to help with the project?), being installed on more machines.

The other things in the "goals" paragraph, as I read through them, are marketing tools and methods, while the final goal of all of them is the one above, I guess.


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