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Re: On changelogs and version tracking

Don Armstrong <don@debian.org> wrote:
> Be careful when you reorder or add back changelog entries. If you
> return to a previous version by means of an epoch (or something else)
> you can either just tack the new upload/version at the top of the
> changelog or elide the other entries in the changelog, and continue on
> as before. Changelog entries should always be in upload order (which
> presumably corresponds to chronological order) with the version upon
> which this upload is based on immediately preceeding it.

What is the proper way to merge branches?

When upstream branches off a new development version I sometimes do
they same in Debian, uploading upstream's development version to
experimental while keeping stable in sid. Once upstream makes a major
release I make an upload, based on the code in experimental.

Obviously I do not want to lose either experimental or sid changelog

Sorting cronologically seems to be wrong, since experimental and sid
entries would get mixed up, therefore I go for sorting by debian
version numbers. Is this broken?
cu andreas
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