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On changelogs and version tracking

Recently a bug that was brought to my attention[1] told me that I
should remind everyone about the importance of ordering of changelogs
in their package for the purposes of version control in the BTS.

Be careful when you reorder or add back changelog entries. If you
return to a previous version by means of an epoch (or something else)
you can either just tack the new upload/version at the top of the
changelog or elide the other entries in the changelog, and continue on
as before. Changelog entries should always be in upload order (which
presumably corresponds to chronological order) with the version upon
which this upload is based on immediately preceeding it.

If you don't do this, you end up with interesting version graphs like

As always, if you have any questions about the impact of changelog
order on the version tree or other similar questions, feel free to ask
on debian-debbug@lists.debian.org or ask in #debbugs (OFTC) or ping me
(dondelelcaro) or any other debbugs person on IRC.

Don Armstrong

1: #403645, but it doesn't really matter
2: http://tiny.cc/E3heI
3: I should note that it's no big deal to fix these sorts of problems
up post-facto; it's just moderately confusing. ;-)
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