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Re: Hardware compatibility test: draft proposal

[Wouter Verhelst]
> As I mentioned in my blog[1], I kindof like the suggestion that
> Bdale came up with during Debconf that we write a hardware
> compatibility test of sorts that hardware vendors could run on their
> own hardware to test whether Debian works on their system.

I saw Bdales talk and I like it too.  I did not spend time thinking
about your proposal, but wanted to let you know how we test
compatibility in a Debian Edu installation.

It is done in a installation where PXE installing work, and the first
step in the compatibility test is to install Debian Edu automatically
with all questions preseeded.  If installation work, the hard drive

If the KDE login manager show up (kdm), the graphics card work.

Next step is to log in, and if a small sound is played, the sound card
is working.

Start a web browser, and visit <URL:http://www.skolelinux.org/>.  If
it work, the network card is functioning.

Next is 3D graphics.  Select"Science & Math->Stellarium" from the K
meny, and see if the program is snappy.  If it is, accelerated OpenGL
is working and the 3D stuff should work fine.

Insert a USB memory stick, and see if a dialog box pop up after a few
seconds to ask what should be done.  If it does, USB is working.

Last, run nvram-wakeup and see if the motherboard and BIOS version is
supported.  If it is, shutdown-at-night will work independently of
Wake On LAN support.

I hope a Debian compatibility test will check similar things.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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